Published On: Wed, Feb 8th, 2017

Winter Resumes Wednesday Across North, Central Indiana

 Snowfall predicted for north half of state with temperatures above and below freezing.

Winter Resumes Wednesday Across North, Central Indiana

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is monitoring developing weather and temperature forecasts and readying its resources as the National Weather Service predicts snowfall for the northern half of the state starting Wednesday morning. 

Impacts to roadways will vary by location as different snowfall rates, times and temperatures create different conditions across the region. INDOT maintenance personnel will be monitoring local conditions and forecasts to deploy yellow salt trucks where and when they will be needed.

Wednesday morning

Above average air temperatures Tuesday are expected to warm up the ground enough to keep most pavement temperatures above freezing into Wednesday. Air temperatures are predicted to fall near freezing along Interstate 70 and colder to the north early Wednesday morning as chances of snow showers increase. 

Motorists should be aware of the potential for slick spots Wednesday morning, especially on ramps and bridges, as the risk of freezing temperatures might overlap with increasing chances of snow showers. The temperatures of bridges and elevated roadways such as interchange ramps more closely follow air temperatures. If the air temperature falls below freezing, these elevated surfaces will quickly fall below freezing.

INDOT will be closely watching its network of bridge deck and pavement sensors to treat surfaces with salt before temperatures drop below freezing.

Wednesday afternoon

Snowfall is currently predicted to continue through late Wednesday night. Most pavement temperatures across the state are expected to remain above freezing from late Wednesday morning through Wednesday afternoon. Even with above-freezing pavement temperatures, rates of snowfall may be enough to cause slushy conditions on roadways as the ice melts.

Snowfall will also reduce visibility. During winter weather, drivers should always turn on their headlights and use turn signals to help other drivers see their vehicle. Motorists should avoid distractions, keep a safe following distance, and slow down to ensure that they have ample room to stop. These safety precautions are especially effective at reducing multi-vehicle, chain-reaction collisions on interstate highways. 

Wednesday night

Temperatures are predicted to fall below freezing again Wednesday evening. Any remaining moisture on untreated surfaces below 32 degrees will freeze. INDOT will continue monitoring road and weather conditions and local forecasts to make necessary adjustments to its deployment of resources to keep interstates, U.S. highways and state roads as safe as possible during winter weather.

Source: INDOT

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