Published On: Wed, Jun 6th, 2012

Warm Glow Candle Factory

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Jackie Carberry

Centerville, Indiana– Have you ever gone somewhere or met someone who just made your entire day better? I got to do that just recently when I went to Centerville to meet Jackie Carberry owner of Warm Glow Candles.

This meeting came about thanks to Nancy Sartain who is the Leisure Marketing Director for Richmond-Wayne County Convention & Tourism Bureau in Richmond. Nancy wrote, “I have a story idea I thought you might be interested in sharing with your readers.” And what a story it is.

In 1994 two entrepreneurs, Jackie and her husband Alan Carberry, set out to make the perfect candle. Jackie said, “the goal was to best Yankee Candle”. She said they haven’t quit yet made it there but from what I found the two of them have become overwhelming successes in their own right.

Today the 80,000 Warm Glow Candle Factory in Centerville produces 8,000-10,000 candles each day. And not only do they sell their products in their own outlets, Warm Glow Candles are shipped to over 3,000 other sellers world-wide. Warm Glow Candles has also opened up another  family owned store in Winchester, Indiana called On The Square.

Warm Glow CandlesSome of what has helped to make Jackie and Alan so successful since they started their business is not only because they make and sell some of the finest candles one will find anywhere it is because they take such pride in everyone who is associated with their company. From the vendors that make Warm Glow Candles a part of the things they provide in their stores to their employees. Jackie and Alan have taken a route unlike a lot of business today. Even though Warm Glow has a web site they do not sell their products on line. Jackie said that’s because they do not want to be a direct competitor with the business they sell their products to. This, to me, was a strong statement about Jackie and Alan’s commitment to they way they do business. It is also a strong statement about their dedication to all of the family owned businesses that buy candles from them. Jackie also beamed when she spoke about the employees of Warm Glow Candles.

The Warm Glow Candle store in Centervilleis a delight. Even as you see the size of it when you drive up you aren’t quite ready for what you’ll find on the inside. It is just amazing. Not only will you find, what has to be one of the largest selections of candles in this part of the county, Jackie and Alan also carry other home décor accessories located throughout the store. When you get there be sure to check out the Christmas area at the back of the store. It is magnificent!

If that wasn’t enough there’s more. Inside the store inCenterville there is also a magnificent restaurant, the Stone Hearth Café that serves fresh homemade food. Jackie said that the restaurant makes there own smoked pulled pork and briskets as well as home made pies on site.

There’s more to come. Warm Glow has started with an expansion at the Centerville outlet that will include a new building on the west site of the grounds that will be dedicated to supplying the community with fresh and locally grown produce as well as products to assist local gardeners in their own gardens. Plans are to have that part of the expansion completed later this year. And on top of that Jackie said that in 2013 the Warm Glow Candle Outlet will be double the size it is presently with the upcoming expansion on the east of the facility.

I could go on for days about the Warm Glow Candle Outlet but the only way to fully appreciate this wonderful place is by going there. I think you’ll be amazed too.

Watch the video interview with Jackie Carberry below

To find out more about Warm Glow Candles visit their website at They also have a Facebook presence at

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