Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017

State Road 38 Construction in New Castle

Advancing to Partial Phase 2 on July 17

State Road 38 Construction in New Castle

Milestone Contractors plans to begin part of the second phase of road construction on State Road 38 (Broad Street) in New Castle starting July 17. State Road 38 is currently closed in New Castle between State Road 3 (Memorial Drive) and 31st Street for a $5.3 million construction project rebuilding or rehabilitating two miles of the road. 

Pavement west of 15th Street is being rehabilitated and is ahead of schedule to advance to Phase 2 starting on or after Monday, July 17. Pavement east of 15th Street is being completely rebuilt and is on schedule to start Phase 2 in August. 

Phase 2 west of 15th Street

Milestone plans to begin Phase 2 between 12th and 15th streets by closing the intersection of Main Street and State Road 38 (Broad Street) on or after July 17 for partial pavement replacement expected to take one to two weeks, weather permitting. Local access will then be made available at the Main Street intersection and access to and from 14th Street will be closed. Milestone plans to make local access available to and from 15th Street in August.

State Road 38 will remain closed to through traffic. Switching to Phase 2 construction west of 15th Street will make local access available to and from intersecting streets west of 12th Street. Access to and from 12th Street will remain open throughout the project.

Phase 2 east of 15th Street

Phase 2 east of 15th Street is scheduled to begin in August and will close sections not completed during Phase 1:

  • The intersection of 31st Street to a drainage structure west of Imperial Drive will be closed.
  • State Road 103 (18th Street) to 25th Street: Access to and from 25th Street will remain open. Other intersections on this section, including 18th Street will be closed.
  • The Norfolk Southern railroad crossing between 15th and 16th streets will be closed for replacement in late August.

About the project

The project will improve two miles of State Road 38 through New Castle. Pavement east of 15th Street will be completely rebuilt. Pavement west of 15th Street will be rehabilitated. Work will also include replacing sections of curb and sidewalks, modernizing curb ramps at intersections, and improving storm water drainage structures within the project limits.

Access to residences and businesses will be maintained. Other routes can provide access to local destinations. All closures will be sequenced to maintain access to local destinations while completing the project as safely and efficiently as possible.

State Road 38 is expected to be fully open to traffic before the end of this year, and all work on the contract is expected to be complete before summer of 2018. For more information and updates on the State Road 38 pavement project in New Castle, go to

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