Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2018

Safe Exchange Zone Established to Promote Safety in Internet Transactions

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office unveiled its new “Safe Exchange Zone” today. With the increase in internet arranged transactions as well as child custody exchanges and other events where different parties may need to meet, Hamilton County Sheriff Mark Bowen felt it important to create a safe location for area residents to connect.

The Safe Exchange Zone is located at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office complex, 18100 Cumberland Road in Noblesville. Two parking spaces located near the main entrance are reserved for the Safe Exchange Zone. The area is well-lit at night and is covered by 24-hour video surveillance. The idea behind the Safe Exchange Zone is to cut down on potential fraud and robberies that can be associated with these types of transactions. Sheriff Bowen hopes people will use the zone to meet and sell their good with less fear of a quick or violent rip-off. Child custody exchanges can also be completed in the Safe Exchange Zon e.

While the spaces are available on agency grounds, Sheriff’s Office deputies do not participate or act as official witnesses in the transactions but can be dispatched to keep the peace, prevent disorderly conduct, or for criminal offenses.

A Safe Exchange Zone is also available in the main lobby of the Sheriff’s Office for those needing an indoor location. The lobby is open around the clock.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when conducting such transactions:
• Only do transactions with local buyers/sellers
• Do not go to a transaction alone
• Make sure a friend or family member is aware of the transaction details
• Insist on meeting in a public area like the Sheriff’s Office Safe Exchange Zone
• Do not go into someone else’s house, and do not allow them into yours
• Complete the transaction during daylight hours if possible
• Be extra cautious when buying or selling valuable ite ms such as vehicles and jewelry
• Only use cash or money orders to complete your transactions
• Trust your instincts, if it sounds like a scam it probably is
• If someone is not willing to come to the Sheriff’s Office to conduct a transaction, this would be a sign to beware and possibly rethink the meeting.

For full details, view this message on the web.

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