Published On: Thu, Mar 9th, 2017

Nationwide AT&T cellular 911 outage. Call 765-642-0221 in case of emergency

AT&T cellular customers nationwide are currently experencing difficulties dialing 911. You may recieve a busy signal or your call may not go through at all. Until this issue is resolved you can reach Police, Fire, and EMS services in Madison County and Anderson by dialing 765-642-0221 or 765-648-6775. Both numbers will reach the Madison County Central Dispatch. If you are not currently in Madison County, check local media for contact numbers for emergency services.

Home/Buisness phones, and cellular phones from other providers are not known to be experiencing an issue at this time.


Dial 765-642-0221 or 765-648-6775 in case of emergency from an AT&T cellular phone.

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