Published On: Tue, Jul 17th, 2012

Meet Sandy An

It’s not everyday you encounter someone playing flute music at Falls Park

Video: Meet Sandy An

Sandy AnPendleton, Indiana (July 17, 2012) – Today while I was at Falls Park here in Pendleton I had an opportunity to meet one of the most delightful young ladies. Her name is Sandy An.

Now it’s not every day when you’re at the park and you happen to encounter someone playing a flute. But today was that kind of day. As it turns out Sandy was about to head off to college at Butler University to study music and was trying to make a little extra money to help with expenses.

Like a lot of other things today, the economic climate is still a bit tough for those continuing their education. Sandy wasn’t going to let that stop her. So this afternoon she went to Falls Park to raise what money she could on a Monday afternoon by playing her flute for passers-by.

When I was there it didn’t appear she had taken in a great deal of money but that didn’t seem to matter to Sandy. She had made a little extra to help with school this fall. And she was having a wonderful time just meeting and saying hello those that did stop by for a short visit and thankful to those that did contribute as a way to thank her for sharing your wonderful music.

We could use a few more Sandy’s in our world. Just think what a wonderful place this could be.

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  1. John Falkner says:

    Good job Sandy!! your setting a good example for your peers. Very nice to see a high school senior get off the couch, stop texting and do something good. Keep playing even if the rest of the band stops and you will go great things in your life.

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