Published On: Fri, Jun 8th, 2018

Mayor Announces the Reopening of the Anderson Southside Pool

Mayor Announces the Reopening of the Anderson Southside PoolAnderson, IN – Mayor Thomas Broderick, Jr. has announced that the City of Anderson Parks Department will be reopening the newly renovated Anderson Southside Pool for the summer season and that it will operate with extended hours. The pool will open to the public on June 9th, 2018 and will operate Tuesday through Thursday and on Sunday from noon un l 7:00 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from noon un l 8:00 p.m. The pool will be closed on Monday in order to use the pool for the city’s’ Summer Park Program. The pool will also be used for the summer program on Tuesday mornings before noon.

Mayor Broderick stated that, “The city has completed numerous renova ons on the pool facility and we will con nue to work on improvements to the facility in order to make it a fun and appealing environment for families and individuals to enjoy during the warm days of summer.”

The mayor explained, “I stated last year that we would not reopen the pool un l needed renova ons and improvements were made. I am pleased to report that we have been able to accomplish these goals. The interior walls of the facility have been repainted; the restrooms have had several repairs and improvements, including installa on of new faucets and countertops. We also installed new showerheads, and added handheld shower heads. We have made modificajons to make the restrooms A.D.A compliant.” Mayor Broderick further stated, “that in addikon to these new upgrades we also replaced the worn out water heater with a new 50-gallon gas water heater and a mixing valve and pump that will allow hot water to be delivered immediately at each faucet. Addi onally a new chlorinator was installed to insure that the pool has the proper mix of chemicals.”

Broderick praised park maintenance superintendent, Tom Tacket and the park staff for their efforts. “We have a large park system with many facili”es and parks. We have made park improvements a priority, with added summer programs for children, an improved concert series, upgrading of park facili es and trail paving. These efforts would not be possible without the hard work by Tom and the park staff, and the oversight and efforts of our park board. With this team approach we will con nue to provide great park and recrea onal opportuni es and acxvixes in Anderson that the whole family can enjoy. We are proud to be able to offer this improved pool facility to our community,” Mayor Broderick stated.

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