Published On: Wed, Jul 18th, 2012

Drought And Heat Grip Indiana

Conditions in many parts of the Midwest now worse than those of 1930s dust bowl days

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Drought And Heat Grip IndianaHot and dry conditions have central Indiana and much of the nation firmly in their grasp. A heat advisory in effect through Wednesday, with highs on Wednesday expected to be in the middle 90s to around 100 degrees.

Most of central Indiana is needing at least a half foot of rainfall just to get back to normal – or around a foot of rain in some places to erase the deficit for the year.

According to the NWS, some level of drought now exists in all of Indiana’s 92 counties of which some have entered into the extreme category.

Several central Indiana municipalities have now issued water restrictions which include no watering grass, washing cars, cleaning drives and sidewalks just to name a few.

AccuWeather says, rain is coming but not enough. “Spotty downpours will grace northern and eastern areas of theCorn Beltinto August, but not enough rain will fall on a large part of theCorn Belt, leading to a disaster.”

AccuWeather also said, “Consumers, who are already struggling to afford their grocery bill may find themselves in quite a pinch late this summer and fall due to climbing food prices.”

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