Published On: Sun, Apr 22nd, 2012

A Letter: Saving The World, one person at a time

Sugar is bad for you.

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You know, it may not be our generation that saves the world. It’ll probably be our next generation that will have the most profound impact on our society which leads me to the story you’re about to read.

Over the years I have found a lot of unusual things in my mailbox. Mostly I find junk mail, but every now and then maybe a small rock or other object that had been placed there. Perhaps it was left for me or perhaps the plan was for it to keep it safe. I never knew who placed these objects in the mailbox but I always assumed that it was one of my children or, most recently, a grandchild that had placed them there. And I really never knew why these items were in my mailbox. But for whoever placed them there it must have been important that they did and that to me that was reason enough. Then we come to today and what I found in my mailbox. What was placed there probably sets a bar for the rest of us to try and reach.

As usual today’s mail delivery contained the type of mail most of us are accustomed to finding. Yes, there was a piece of junk mail from someone trying to entice me into buying something I don’t need or want. But there was also something else in my mailbox today. It was from someone I’ve never met that took the time to try and help someone they don’t even know.

What I found in my mailbox today was a hand written letter which we don’t see much of anymore. And the letter appears to have been written by a younger person. It is titled, “Sugar is bad for you“. The letter goes on to say, “There is bad stuff in sugar like calories that’s bad for you and sugar can make you have disabilities.  Also disabilities can make you take pills or shots for the rest of your life. So don’t eat a lot of it!!!! STOP!

We’ve all heard that there are things we should cut back on including our sugar intake. And there’s no doubt most of us consume a lot more of it than we should. I believe many of us would like to be healthier. But for the most part we’re too busy with our day-to-day lives to stop and think about some of the things we could do in order to accomplish that. Sometimes it takes a special message to get us to change some of the things we’re doing. Sometimes it takes someone who’ll take the time to send us a hand written letter.

Maybe there’s another lesson in all of this. Perhaps it’s way past time for the rest of us to take a few minutes of our day and to send someone else a hand written letter to say, “How are you”? Or, “I miss you”, or perhaps they’re doing something that concerns you and you want to let them know you’d like to have them around for a long, long time. Or maybe you’d just like to tell them,         “I love you”.

For the young person who sent me the letter today. I don’t know who you are. I may never know. But I want to thank you for taking your time to try and make a difference and for trying to help someone you don’t even know.

Thank You


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